Within the context of Daire Artist-in-Residence Program, Training on Capacity Building for Initiatives was organized on August 27th and 28th, 2020 in İzmir Architecture Center.

The aim of the training was to enable formations such as civil society initiatives and platforms active in various fields in İzmir to obtain the necessary information and build their institutional capacities for establishing their own CSO’s. Participation to the training was free and 20 people from fields such as theater, visual arts, cultural training, performing arts, video games, philosophy, literature, museum studies, nature rights and ecological crisis attended the two-day event.


August 27th, Thursday
14:00-17:00  Legal Aspects

August 28th, Friday
11:00-14:00  Financial Aspects
15:00-18:00  Social & Organizational Aspects

The “Legal Aspects” training was given by Atty. Ahmet Dokucu, while the “Financial Aspects” and “Social & Organizational Aspects” trainings were jointly given by Kevser Çimenli and Sanem Erdil Kocaman.

Making use of examples from constitutional court decisions and European Court of Human Rights decisions, Atty. Ahmet Dokucu touched upon subjects such as freedom of organization, protection of personal data, freedom of science and the arts and protection of art and artists.

Kevser Çimenli and Sanem Erdil Kocaman delivered theoretical and practical information on the issues of organization; advocacy, lobbying; human resources and volunteer management; the organization’s/ formation’s knowing itself (change theory, target group, financial resources, stakeholders); visibility, internal and external communication mechanisms; financial sustainability precautions, fund raising methods, funds, grants, individual donations, sponsorships; decision-making mechanisms; project cycle, project-based thinking phases and  corporate social responsibility. Giving practical examples from civil formations in Turkey, they touched on aspects such as legislation, expertise, transparency and accountability. The training was completed after participants, who were divided into groups developed, then presented logical frameworks for projects they came up with.


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